Projects & Initiatives

The information which follows represents a selection of organisations who have in place a number of projects and initiatives dealing with various aspects of Coastal and Marine Management.
  • Coastatlantic
This project involves partners from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. The programme is testing the implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), particularly in the context of spatial planning and achieving sustainable development, and in promoting environmental, social and economic well being of the Atlantic coast.
The results from the project will contribute towards developmenting National Strategies for ICZM and implementing specific aspects of ICZM, in accordance with the EU Recommendation of 30 May 2002. The outputs of the project will also contribute towards the development of an Atlantic Vision for the sustainable development and management of the coastal zone.
  • AquaReg CZM
This is a co-operation between the regions of Galicia in Spain, Border, Midland and Western (BMW) in Ireland and Trøndelag in Norway. The overall objective of AquaReg is to provide opportunities and design strategies for sustainable development of peripheral coastal communities by promotion of interregional co-operation in aquaculture and fisheries. The project is divided into three components.
Aqualink is to stimulate the collaboration between researchers and the aquaculture business in order to implement commercially oriented sustainable business development and innovation projects. AquaPlan includes exchange of experience and best practice between planning authorities at local and regional level, to achieve positive interactions among coastline users, contributing to the maintenance of coastal communities in the future. AquaEd introduces an interregional European dimension to education and recruitment in aquaculture, fisheries and seafood industries in the co-operating regions.
  • Save the North Sea
Over 20,000 tonnes of marine litter annually is dumped into the North Sea. This makes marine litter a major environmental problem in the North Sea region. The goal of the Save the North Sea project has been to reduce marine litter in the North Sea by changing the attitudes and behaviour of the people using the area.
The project is supported through the EU Interreg Programme for the North Sea and operated by KIMO International.
  • National Trust
The National Trust protects nearly one in five miles of the coastline of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The National Trust For Scotland is similarly involved in Scotland.
The Neptune Coastline Campaign commenced in 1965 and since then the National Trust has acquired 620 miles of coastline and 52,600 ha (2001 figures) of coastal hinterland, important for its landscape and historical value. The Trust manages the land to permit public access and for long-term preservation. It provides a wide range of recreational opportunities and uses volunteers to help with hands-on conservation work. The Coastal Guardians Scheme encourages primary schools to adopt a stretch of coastline both to learn about the coast and to help the local National Trust warden to look after it.
  • Adopt a Beach
Adopt-a-Beach is a coastal environmental initiative organised by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).
The aim is for local individuals, groups and communities to take action to improve the quality of their coastal environment. Anyone can take part in quarterly beach cleans during spring, summer, autumn and winter and in surveys to monitor litter throughout the year.
The campaign was launched in 1999 to raise awareness about the problem of marine and coastal litter, and help the MCS build a better understanding of how litter varies with environmental factors and seasonal use. The aim is to establish a network of adopted beaches around the UK to ensure beach litter is collected and data on the sources is obtained. This data is used by MCS at a national level to influence government policy and beach management and at regional and local levels by those who have adopted the beaches, encouraging local community involvement.
  • Beachwatch
Beachwatch is the flagship event of the Adopt-a-Beach campaign. Annually, during the third weekend in September, local litter picking and survey events are organised throughout the UK. The data collected contributes to the MCS’s annual Beachwatch Report.