The Principles of ICZM

The Demonstration Programme also identified a number of key principles for developing an ICZM policy.
For effective ICZM, management approaches should:
  • Think ahead - take a long-term view beyond immediate short-term needs and address longer-term issues, including those associated with climate change
  • Try to see the bigger picture – view inter-related coastal problems in the widest possible context, including consideration of all coastal activities and uses both on land and within coastal waters
  • Be flexible and adaptable – try to anticipate problems and err on the side of caution where there is potential for unknown damaging effects to result from an action
  • Work with nature rather than against it – recognise the limitations of the natural environment to assimilate pollution and the negative impacts of development
  • Use a combination of tools – use legal, economic and educational approaches to tackle coastal problems rather than relying on one instrument in isolation
  • Get everyone involved – include relevant administrative bodies and local communities. The involvement of local businesses and people can help identify the real issues and harness local solutions, rather than applying a ‘one size fits all’ management approach.