The primary purpose of the CMF is to provide a mechanism for integration of management activities relevant to the coast.  It acts as an aid to the implementation of ICZM.  Specific areas of its remit are as follows:
To help take forward the ICZM strategy and monitor implementation of its objectives.
Assist implementation of ICZM through monitoring progress of the key objectives and highlighting issues to be brought to the attention of the wfd Inter-Departmental Implementation Board.
Progress Report to Government on ICZM every 3 Years.
Produce a report on how the Forum considers objectives are being achieved. Make recommendations for input into the periodic review of Strategy.
To consider future government initiatives (policy, legislation, actions) relevant to the coast and marine environment and to promote their integration.
To be involved, as appropriate, in consultation/discussion with Departments on the development or review of strategies, polices or legislation which affect the coastal zone. This would provide the Forum with an opportunity to highlight and promote integration of ICZM objectives.
To advise Northern Ireland Departments, via Planning and Natural Resources Division, in relation to strategic coastal/marine coastal issues.
To formulate the Forum’s views on such policies and issues and communicate this to the relevant Department via Planning and Natural Resources Division.
To promote an understanding and raise the profile of ICZM in Northern Ireland.
To increase awareness of what ICZM (and the Forum) is trying to achieve.
Ensure participation of relevant stakeholders.
Forum members to encourage individuals/organisations over which they have influence to embrace and become more active in ICZM.
To be a mechanism for encouraging debate, exchange and dissemination of information and good practice within the membership and across government.
To consider and make recommendations on additional structures, activities, research and information deemed necessary to progress ICZM in Northern Ireland.
Encourage the development of local participation with ICZM, primarily through Local Authorities.
Identify areas where there is a need to undertake research work and look for a suitable mechanism to take forward.
Seek funding or resources from relevant bodies to undertake additional work in support of ICZM.
(DOE will provide secretarial/administrative support for day to day operation of the Forum and will assist the Forum identify/pursue other funding opportunities eg EU INTERREG.)
Liaise with other UK, Ireland and European interests on aspects of the Coastal Zone.
Look at ways of promoting ICZM in co-operation with other Coastal Forums, Departments or Agencies in the UK, Ireland and Europe.