16 January 2008 - Marine climate change

The report found that 2006 was the second warmest year for UK coastal waters since records began in 1870, and that seven of the last ten warmest years have occurred in the last decade. It warned that coastal erosion and flooding are expected to increase and that warmer winters have been linked to reduced breeding success and survival in some seabird populations.
Environment Minister Arlene Foster welcomed the report and said: “Climate change is having a significant impact on our marine environment and this report highlights just how much climate change has affected the United Kingdom’s marine environment and warns what the future might hold.
“It shows once more that we simply have to change the way we behave to mitigate the affects of global warming and that is something I will continue to work towards in my Department and in the Northern Ireland Assembly”
The Minister said that the report was a valuable contribution to our knowledge base on this important matter.
Notes to Editors:
MCCIP is a partnership between scientists, governments, its agencies and non government offices. The principal aim is to develop a long term multidisciplinary approach to understanding and communicating climate change in our seas.
Sponsoring bodies are: Countryside Council for Wales, Defra, Department of the Environment Northern Ireland, Environment Agency, Natural England, RSPB, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Executive, Scottish Natural heritage, States of Guernsey, States of Jersey, Welsh Assembly and WWF.
Further information can be obtained on the MCCIP website.
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Story by Department of the Environment NI